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  1. Bayu & Kookie says:

    Dear Rani,

    it has been a pleasure having you as our MC on our wedding day in Bali!
    We thank you for attending and organising one of the happiest days of our life.
    Good job!

    Best regards from Germany,
    Bayu & Kookie

  2. Mbak Rani,

    Hmm where do we start, before booking you for our MC on our wedding day in Bali, Andika and I have heard so much about you already, the fact that you’re brilliant at your job and so much more. So without thinking twice we wanted you to be on our wedding straight away, and obviously we made the right decision. You are a small little lady with a MASSIVE personality, full of smile and charisma, gorgeous, bubbly, charming, entertaining and you’re sure know how to bright up the room. We are so happy you made our day even more special. We wish you all success in the world, definitely meet you again in Bali, or maybe one day you can visit us in UK.

    All the best,
    Vitrani and Andika Darmawi, Newcastle – UK

  3. Brad Saffin says:

    Rani has hosted some amazing events in Bali for Dragon. She creates fun and a great vibe always – Brad Saffin SVP Sales & Marketing, Dragon Alliance California.

  4. dina says:

    Dear Rani,

    Many, many thanks to you for hosting our wedding. You are THE BEST wedding host we have ever known! The wedding couldn’t be more amazing; thanks to your bubbly, cheerful, and smart ways of being the MC. ^^

    May you get more great achievements in your career.

    Lots of love,
    Dina & Kristian

  5. jolinde says:

    Rani has been the MC for the Ombak Bali Surf Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia) for quite a few years and we and the audience just LOVE her!! She’s very professional, fun, upbeat, happy and always has a big beautiful smile. Life just gets more sunny when Rani is around.

    jolinde and errol
    organisation Ombak Bali Surf Film Festival

  6. tisha says:

    Rani is one of the most recommended mc in bali. She’s very capable in handling situations.. Formal and informal wedding. Everytime we had her as mc in our clients wedding, she make our job much more easier. Thanks Rani ^^

  7. AyangKD DJ & Marcom D'OZ Radio Bali 101.2 FM says:

    Rani Hardjadinata ….
    I am here not to give you all the compliment ,because YOU ARE everyone needs .. For those who read this : LUCKY YOU ………..& LUCKY US

    Big thanks Rani


  8. putukrisma says:

    It started when my-then-boyfriend looked for an MC for our wedding dinner reception at Ayana Resorts & Spa Bali.  He is the type of person that will buy service or product based on testimonial and/or review and/or rating from other customer.

    We’re both extremely happy with Rani and highly recommend her services. Henry and I both want to thank you for the best night ever! We actually had fun and were able to really enjoy our wedding…

    Rani is…


    From the beginning to the end Rani was so helpful. She made our wedding so lively and able to interact with almost all the guests! Our wedding had a mix of indonesian and english-speaking guests, and Rani with her fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English, was able to effortlessly keep both guest types informed and entertained.

    She also put a personal touch to our wedding by sharing some facts to the crowd about our love story.

    From Singapore with love ❤

  9. Nadia & Hansen says:

    Thanks so much mba Rani for MC ing for our wedding party. Great job on such a last minute’s notice. The party was a hit success and we surely couldn’t have done it without you and mas Bayu. Amazing duo! Thanks again mba Rani!

    – Hansen & Nadia

  10. Agnes & Chow says:

    Hi Rani, thank you so much for such a great laugh on our wedding reception and of course, our guests loved you! keep the good work, gurl! 😉 Agnes&Chow-Tirtha13022014

  11. Arkarna says:

    choosing Rani to MC at our gig in Bali was easily the 3rd best decision I’ve made in my life so far!

    The audience couldn’t help but relax and soak up her positive energy. A great night was had by all!

    Love you Rani!!!

  12. Sutha & Cynara says:

    Dear Rani,

    At first we don’t have any clue on who’s gonna be the host of our wedding because we want to look for someone that can light up the party, till there was you!
    And that moment we know you’ll be the perfect one to host our wedding party, and you did 🙂
    Eventho we only met once before the wedding but you still manage to put everything perfectly in your very own way; rani’s rules.
    Keep up the good work and stay gold.

    See you soon.

    Sutha & Cynara

  13. Presi Pattimahu - Dan Pearson says:

    Dan : Rani was a fantastic attribute towards our wedding. Being that it was a mixed indonesian and English wedding Rani really helped to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the wedding itself speaking in perfect english and Indonesian. The day was amazing thanks to Rani. Being the Groom she kepte organised with keeping the flow of the wedding, from the cutting of the cake, to the first dance. I highly recomend Rani for anyone in the future planning to get married!

    Presi : Words can not describe how good is Rani as a MC at our wedding.. She’s a star and doing a good job, she made every moment be came perfect !! Rani can bring up the crowd, the vibe and very entertaining..
    She truly understand what wedding style we want.. Verry cooperative with everybody and all the guest love her 🙂

    Sooo.. If you looking a good MC for your wedding, Rani is deffenitly the one !!

    Once Again thank you so much Rani xx


    1. Presi Pattimahu - Dan Pearson says:

      Villa Uma Nina, Jimbaran – Bali

      PresiDan celebration : http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a3TLqe-g8r4

  14. Henny & David Manning says:

    It’s time for our 1st wedding anniversary. Thank you so much for being our MC on our wonderful wedding in Bali Jul 7,2013..

    Well the challenge for you, first was to bring the European and Indonesian Chinese culture together, then entertained all our guest coming from more than 10 different countries all over the world and you successfully manage it with your bilingual skills and can do attitude..

    We love the cheerfulness and bubbly approach that you have. Bringing all the family and guests together young and old, east meet west, all enjoy every moments of our wedding day and have a fabulous time. Everybody said they had a blast party to remember, some even said it’s their wedding party of the year. :)))

    Looking for an MC that can brighten up the evening and entertaining your guests we certainly recommend Rani..

    P.S :
    Sorry for not being able to reply to you sooner. Been roller coaster and very hectic since our wedding with so much traveling all around the world..

  15. febelistia says:

    Many many thanks for you Rani as our mc on our wedding day @semara villas. We’re so happy to had you contributing on our big day.. She’s a cool person, we’re all can enjoy the party.. Everything is just so good having her as an mc.. Nice, humble, easygoing and capable to bring the sweet moment that you’ve dreaming on your big day. She’s the one 😉
    Big thanks for Rany once again, stay cool and blessed..


    Erwan&Febe 😘😘

  16. Just thinking about our wedding reception put a smile on our face. Rani was an extraordinary  MC. She turned our occasion into an experience we will never forget as long as we live. She is very funny and
    At the same time professional, and shes hot too!!😝 We would recommend her to anyone who will be getting married in bali
    Or anywhere near future😊 hope to see u again someday!and contact us when u have vacation to dubai😄

    Well done!and all the best!
    With 💗 from dubai
    Merryanne & Tarik

  17. Andrew and Thea says:


    Thank you so much for such a great time on our wedding reception. You did a really great job and our guests loved you!

    Big thanks and hugs to you.

    Andrew & Thea

  18. Vina & Daniel says:

    We know from the beginning that if we want to have any kind of events, whether it will be a wedding or any other event, there is only one MC that comes in mind… RANI

    and luckily Rani agreed to be the MC for our wedding day. With her good humor, cheerful, and lovely personality she can create the atmosphere exactly like what we want it. She throws good humor, making great conversation with our guests, our parents and family and she was easily flowing from one language into another since our wedding is a bilingual wedding.

    It was the best decision to have Rani to involved in our wedding. She’s professional, she knows what she’s doing, smart and she comes very well prepared. Therefore thank you so much Rani, it was great to have you in our big event in our life, you did such a good job and we will definitely recommend you to all of our other friends

    Bisous de Geneve xx
    Vina & Daniel

  19. Don’t even think of organising your wedding without Rani as your MC. Her bubbly sunshine character is pure joy for you and your guest. She will come well prepared and was able to lead our Indonesian audience as well as our foreign visitors through the sometimes complicated rituals of a typical ceremonial wedding. Rani not only is very profesional but is also able to keep the tone of conversation so natural that it almost feels that she is part of the family.
    Thank you Rani for being part of our great day and helping to make it a truly memorable day.

    Termima kasih banyak
    Nina & Daniel

  20. Gian Carlo Binti says:

    Rani being an excellent wedding MC has helped us to bring wonderful atmosphere into our wedding day. I was always sure that our MC would have no trouble in doing this which definitely helps us to have peace of mind during our wedding.

    She is well organized and a very fun person and yet elegant which is a very unique trait to find.

    So thank you once again Rani. We’ll hopefully bump into each other again.

    Gian & Astrid

  21. Mada & Ezra says:

    Rani was recommended by our friend as MC in our wedding in Tirtha Uluwatu on 25 April 2015. We never met Rani and was too busy preparing the wedding. We were really suprised how profesional Rani in doing her job: she can handle different situations and through the Q&A that she provided, was able to make herself familiar with our relationship which was useful to make our guests understanding better our love story.
    We believe that our dream wedding was perfected by many elements including a professional MC that fluently speaks in bahasa and English.
    We highly recommend Rani as an MC in formal or informal events.
    Thank you Rani, yes… It was an epic wedding, thanks that you part of it.
    Mada & Ezra

  22. Jelena says:

    Rani Hardjadinata, first time kami dapat recommend nama ini dari Nayunda, Varawedding Organizer, diperkenalkan sebagai The Best MC di Bali.
    Di balik gaya casual-nya yang unik & terbatasnya waktu perjumpaan kami, Rani dapat dibilang cukup jeli dalam berusaha memahami karakter kami serta menangkap moment seperti apa yang kami inginkan on the day. Tentunya hal ini tak lepas dari detail dan koordinasi yang baik dengan wedding organizer kami & vendor2 lainnya.
    Memang Rani layak mendapatkan predikat itu. Dengan gaya cheerful dibalut dengan keanggunannya yang khas, dia mampu menghidupkan suasana party yang penuh kehangatan di tengah family & teman-teman terdekat kami.
    Wonderful wedding night, everlasting memory…
    Thx a lot Rani 😉
    With love,
    Edward & Jelena

  23. Kris OLIVEN says:

    Being a wedding planner, I never had any doubt recommending Rani as an MC to my clients. She has what it takes to cherish the event, running the flow and professionally work well to overcome the hicup that sometimes occured. I consider her as one of the best MC in the island.

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