We know from the beginning that if we want to have any kind of events, whether it will be a wedding or any other event, there is only one MC that comes in mind… RANI

and luckily Rani agreed to be the MC for our wedding day. With her good humor, cheerful, and lovely personality she can create the atmosphere exactly like what we want it. She throws good humor, making great conversation with our guests, our parents and family and she was easily flowing from one language into another since our wedding is a bilingual wedding.

It was the best decision to have Rani to involved in our wedding. She’s professional, she knows what she’s doing, smart and she comes very well prepared. Therefore thank you so much Rani, it was great to have you in our big event in our life, you did such a good job and we will definitely recommend you to all of our other friends

Bisous de Geneve xx
Vina & Daniel