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This pint-sized lady with a mega presence, no matter where or what stage she is on, is a popular radio announcer, MCs for major shows and can be seen around town as the life of the party. The Beat’s big bad Dedi catches up to find out more.

Was it always your plan to pack your things and move to Bali? What’s the whole story?
It was only supposed to be three months of duty from Oz Radio Bandung to finish my radio DJ training project in Bali, but the boss offered me to extend for another three months. Since I’d just graduated from university, I thought; why not!? So I took the chance and several months later, I got a golden opportunity to join the surf industry…and that’s pretty much it… long story short. I arrived in Bali with just a small bag of luggage and look at me now!

Living in Bali, is it a ‘holiday in hell’, or ‘never ending heavenly holiday’?
Living in Bali? I’d have to say everyday is a holiday! Doesn’t matter about the weather, the traffic, the peeps and the loads of other things, Bali is still one of the best holiday destinations! Dude… if you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic just go to Uluwatu. Don’t want cops bugging you, just head to Menjangan Island. Bali is filled with dangerously beautiful places, that’s the beauty of it!

Many say that a career in radio is never forever, but you’ve kept at OZ Radio Bali for a while. Is it the passion for your job or your fans that keep you at it?
It’s an addiction! I guess it’s both my passion to love and to be loved. After 6 years of job hopping around Bali, being a radio DJ has become my calling. Many thanks to OZ Radio Bali which has built my career over the years!

Ever had any crazy fans?
Nope! Poor me! But I love it when I go to new places, and people say; “Your voice is just like Rani Hardjadinata on the radio. You’re her aren’t you?” They even know my full name but have no idea what I look like or what radio I’m from. I call it crazy!

From life in radio, to a surf label, then a liquor company, followed by a sunglass brand, how do you feel about your career path so far?
It’s an incredible never ending journey! I just do my best and success follows! I’m learning by doing and loving what I do!

You’re seen as someone who carries herself lightly, how do you manage to balance yourself?
Focus! Work hard and party harder while embracing and cherishing every moment! Living life to the fullest!

Spending time in the fashion industry you must have hung out with some cool guys, any love stories?
No REAL love story so far! Summer is like the all time season here, so I guess you could say I’ve had tons of summer flings. Hahaha… You name it, from rock stars, pro surfers, famed tattoo artists to triathlon athletes. It may sound exhausting but fun nonetheless. Summer never ends in Bali!

Metallica or Lady Gaga?
Has anyone heard about IRA? They’re an indie band from Konstanz, the dirty south of Germany. Their sound is influenced by some drops of irony.

You were once nominated as ‘Beat Chick’. Can you guess why you won the award?
It would have to be because I’m the chick that flows with the beat! Hahaha…I don’t know, you tell me!

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