Rani Hardjadinata is the Founder & Creator of KNOTINBALI Homeware.

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KNOTINBALI is dedicated to inspiring your dining and kitchen with beautifully crafted, eco-friendly homeware from Bali – Indonesia.

KNOTINBALI brings you products that are not only charming and unique, but are also representative of our commitment to environmentally conscious practices and materials.

KNOTINBALI products are made from teak wood, artisan-crafted boards are sanded by hand to a smooth but beautifully worn finish that gives the impression of age without any of the wear, tear or time. Classic, yet stylish pieces that you’ll love to use for years to come.


KNOTINBALI makes your party take root with it’s serving boards, platters, bowls and utensils beautifully crafted from teak root.


IMG_7729Perfect for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries and also a great marketing tool to market your business / corporate identity.

To personalize your serving board or promote your business, KNOTINBALI Homeware offers a laser engraving service, this allow us to offer a full complete custom service. The laser engraving leaves a burnt finish that looks spectacular against the timber board.


If you require a specific sized serving board other than our standard sizes, please email us for a quote. KNOTINBALI Homeware can produce custom size boards in any length up to 400mm wide.


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